My stallion is trained by Tim Sipple and boarded at Seminole Wind Farms under the management of Tim's wife Katja Sipple.
I have been absolutely delighted at how the horse has consistently progressed under Tim's training - Tim pays attention to getting the correct basics absolutely right, providing a strong foundation to future progress, and I can see that the horses he trains have real affection for him. Tim's training has resulted in many wins and placings for my horse at Regional level in both Open and Amateur Owner divisions. To me, equally as important as the training is the management of the horse. Having owned horses for many years and boarded them at a number of facilities in the US and in England I can say in all honesty Katja is the best manager I have ever met - the standards of daily care on the Farm are the highest (and I notice everything!!!!) and Katja really focusses on all aspects of feeding, healthcare and (importantly) the mental wellbeing of the horses. Katja is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of performance horse management. At shows, my horse is always presented for showing in beautiful condition and with an immaculate turnout.

Tim and Katja have become dear friends to me and my husband Greg and I look forward to continuing our relationship with them, Rich and Yvonne Ross and Seminole Wind Farms. Kay Wharton - Bozeman Montana - April 2011

A Great Visit & Lesson
Thank you so much for spending time with me last week. You and your husband Tim do a great job! I loved your horses and your farm. I look forward to visiting you again when I am the Florida area next year!

I was welcomed to the farm like family, Katja and her husband Tim gave me a tour of the farm and then a private lesson on one of the farms Paso Finos. I was able to work on my Paso riding skills and take home things to work on with my own Paso. I highly recommend Seminole Winds Farm if you are in the market for a Paso Fino!
Lisa Wagasky April 2011

Isn't it wonderful, when you have the chance to buy THE HORSE you were dreaming of?
In the Autumn of 2010 we got this chance. With the purchase of Amistad del Seminole we really completed our small herd of Paso Finos in a perfect way. It was in Spring 2008 when I first saw Amistad at Seminole Wind Farms. She has been under saddle that time for a short time only but already showed everything I like in a horse. Perfect Brio, good mechanics, willingness, sweet disposition and beauty. When my husband and I came back to USA for the Grand Nationals in 2010, we still loved her. It was visible that with Tim Sipple's Training she has improved a lot and looked more mature than the first time I've seen her. But still we were not looking for a new horse at that time. Later in November of that year, I was talking to Katja Sipple and asked her, if Amistad was for sale. SHE WAS - and we decided to buy her! That was in November and already before Christmas Amistad was brought to Houston for 4-week quarantine. At the end of January we picked her up at the airport in Luxembourg and brought her to our little farm in France. She settled in very quickly here in Europe. It is always amazing how fast the horses get used to their new environment after the long way from the USA. We are very happy to have her here and are very much looking forward to present her at the first show here in May!
November 2010